Capture the moment as one of our equine professionals leads your little one horseback straight into a treasured memory. Ages 6 and under. $35/pp


If you only have two hours to spend in our incredible country, this is the way to spend it. A short ride along the Dolores River through old growth spruce and aspen, then up the Rio Lado Creek Trail and back. The only thing that could make it better is more time and lunch on the trail! 2 Hours / Ages 7+  $75 pp. Morning and afternoon rides. Call for availability.


The antelope may not play here, but the deer and elk sure do! Meander along Rio Lado Creek, then loop high above before descending through aspens, spruce, pines and wildflowers. 3 Hours / Ages 10+ $110 pp Morning and Afternoon Rides. Call for availability.


The perfect family outing for lunch on the trail, this ride is great for any level of rider…and super fun, too!  Includes lunch. 3 Hours / Ages 7+  $125 pp Arrive at Ranch 9:45 am       Return to Ranch 1:30 pm


The romance of this ride will surprise you! We’ll trailer your horses to the Bear Creek Trailhead, cross the Dolores River horseback, then wind along the Little Bear Pack Trail. Just when you think it couldn’t be more beautiful, striking ridgelines present themselves across the creek. A few steps from either of our tucked-away lunch sites, 360 degree views of both valley and mountaintop await you. The sound of Bear Creek beneath, and the breeze through the aspens is indescribable. This is one of our favorite rides! Includes lunch. 3 Hours / Ages 10+   $145 pp Arrive at Ranch 9:30 am       Return to Trailhead 1:30 pm


Few areas are more perfect for a picnic at 9500′. This well-kept secret prizes herds of young bull elk, mule deer and the occasional black bear. There really is no better place to eat lunch in Colorado!  Includes lunch. 4 Hours / Ages 10+    $165 pp Arrive at Ranch 9:15 am     Return to Ranch 2:00 pm


For those who like a bit more challenge…We’ll trailer your mounts to the Calico Trailhead where you’ll embark on a switchback-ascent through dense pines and aspens. The reward for your efforts culminates in the sweeping vistas of Twin Fir Springs meadow where you’ll enjoy a rustic trailside lunch and views reaching as far as Utah. The ride back to the ranch will find you already planning next year’s trip!  Includes lunch. 4 Hours/Ages 14+  $175 pp Arrive at Ranch 8:30 am     Return to Ranch 1:30 pm


Meet us halfway between Telluride and the Circle K Ranch for one of our most popular adventures. You’ll experience the rare opportunity of riding through the Dolores headwaters surrounded by breathtaking mountaintop views of both Lizard Head and Sheep Mountain. In a word…stunning! 3 Hours / Ages 10+  $175 pp Arrive at East Fork Trailhead  8:30 am      Return to Trailhead  12 Noon


If you love riding horses as much as we do, this adventure will nourish your heart and refresh your soul. You’ll trek from the Dolores River to Cinnamon Ridge, weave through dense aspens then ascend to a series of upper meadows… From there you may not want to come home. This is an unforgettable ride! Includes lunch. 5 Hours / Ages 10+  $195 pp Arrive at Ranch 8:15 am    Return to Ranch 2:00 pm


Any of our horseback adventures are available as private rides for an additional $25/hour per person based on availability and number of participants.

horseback riding   Views of Lizard Head from East Fork Trail

  • Add Ons: Lunch at Ranch Lodge for $9.99/pp
  • Age Requirement: must be at least 7 years old.
  • Weight Limit: 240 lb.
  • Reservations Required
  • Directions to Circle K Ranch: From Either the town of Telluride or the Mountain Village, turn left on Hwy 145, South, toward Ophir, Rico and Dolores. Continue on Hwy 145 through the town of Rico. The ranch is about 10 miles S. of Rico, a half mile beyond MM 37 on the left hand side of the road. When you come down the drive and cross the bridge, stop at the main lodge for check-in, completing waivers, restrooms, etc.

Fly Fishing Via Horseback @ Circle K Ranch from Cindy Brannon.

Call or e-mail TODAY! 1-800-477-6381 for reservations